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    i always end up thinking about the economic damage in superhero movies

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    Emily in Halloween episodes

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    In February, we headed to LA to do some work on the album, which was absolutely crazy. It’s a different world out there though at one point I was worried I wasn’t even going to get into the country. All other guys went through passport control fine, then a woman stopped me, called over our tour manager Paul and said: “There’s a problem with him. He needs to go back.” They took me into a room and I thought they were going to keep me there for hours, but thankfully the women who came to talk to me knew who Simon Cowell was and knew I was a band. In the end i was interviewed for an hour about what I was doing there and why I was visiting America. It turned out that my name was flagged up as similar to that of someone they were looking for, so they were just being cautious. I got stopped at customs as well, but again I got through okay as the guy there was really nice.

    Zayn Malik, Dare to Dream

    In case you’re wondering, this is what racism and islamophobia look like

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    it must get annoying living in the south with all those banjos constantly playing 

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    Do twins have the same sized dick?

    now we’re asking the real questions

    As a twin, I can say my dick is definitely bigger than my sister’s.

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    my follower count is my birth year

    did you know jesus personally?

    slam DUNKED

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    The three stages.

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    Story of my life.

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    do you ever just all of a sudden feel really alone